Learn to set up your own DIY mushroom grow at home. With insight from experienced cultivators, you can use this methodology for a variety of medicinal fungi. Growing your own mushrooms only takes about 9 weeks, from prep to harvest, and we'll be holding your hand the whole way through. Follow along with these easy-to-digest tutorial videos, and written companions, and you'll be sprouting spores in no time.

Course Details:

Price:  $149.99 

Course closed! Stay tuned for the second enrollment.

Five percent of the proceeds
go to Decriminalize California, the campaign
to decriminalize psilocybin in California

What's Included:

7 video lessons

Written companion

Legality & FAQ guide

Live access to experts

Why this class?

No Experience Required
This course was created for novice mushroom cultivators with little to no experience. It's simple and easy to follow along!

It’s Fast
From prep to harvest, the whole process takes about nine weeks.

It’s Affordable
Once you have the setup, you can use it forever, to grow an infinite supply of mushrooms for your friends and family. All the supplies cost less than $100.

Not Much Space Needed
You don't need extra space—in fact, a space the size of a litter box should be enough room.

Exclusive Access
By taking this course, you’ll get exclusive access to DoubleBlind’s team of mycology experts and an invite-only DoubleBlind community of growers. We’re going to have a lot of fun together.

Take Your Health Into Your Hands
Learning to grow your own food or medicine is a rewarding exercise in self-sufficiency.

Join the Grow Your Own Movement
There’s a movement on the rise. People are taking control of their wellness. Join us and become a part of it.

Support Psychedelic Reform
The proceeds from this course are going two places: Decrim California, the campaign to decriminalize psilocybin in the state of California, and DoubleBlind’s journalism, to help us pay the writers, photographers, and artists who put our magazine together.

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step DIY video tutorial that guides you through every step of the mushroom cultivation process—from which supplies you'll need to harvesting your fungi.

  • Support from mycology experts on the DoubleBlind team to help make the preparation and cultivation process as seamless as possible.

  • Access to an invite-only, private DoubleBlind community to bond with and receive support from your fellow growers.

  • A written companion to the video course, to answer additional questions for maximum clarity and education.

  • A guide to mushroom legality. Keep in mind that while jurisdictions like Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Denver have decriminalized entheogenic mushrooms, psilocybin remains illegal on the federal level.

  • A guide to answer other Frequently Asked Questions.

What you'll learn:

This expert-curated course walks you through the basics of cultivation, from preparing your grow setup to harvesting your mushrooms. Follow along through our episodes or via our written guide to accompany your lessons.

Episode 1: Vocabulary
You'll get a vocab lesson in all the terms you'll need to know to be fluent in growing your own fungi.

Episode 2: Spores and Supplies
In this episode, we outline the supplies you'll need for inoculation.

Episode 3: Inoculation, Colonization, and Storage
Here you'll learn how to "plant" your spores, or inoculate your substrate—the first step in the mushroom cultivation process.

Episode 4: Building Your Grow Environment
During this episode we show you how to make your bulk substrate for your fruiting chamber (a.k.a. terrarium or monotub).

Episode 5: Hydration, Colonizing the Substrate, and Maintenance
In this episode, we show you how to finish setting up your fruiting chamber by transferring your colonized mycelium from the instant rice bags into the terrarium.

Episode 6: Fruiting 
You'll learn what to expect when your mushrooms begin to fruit. We also describe some common possible contaminants to look out for.

Episode 7: Harvesting
In the final episode, we harvest our mushrooms and dry them.

You'll also learn best practices for:

  • Sterilization

  • Buying (and saving money on) supplies

  • Scheduling your cultivation process, from planting spores to harvesting your mushrooms

  • Preparing the cultivation environment

Our Mushroom Community Says:

"The absolute simplest and most affordable tek"

Michelle Janikian, Author of Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion

"If you’re looking for the easiest most straight forward way to learn how to grow your own mushrooms, DoubleBlind’s new course is the way to go! It’s the absolute simplest and most affordable tek for beginners to give mushroom cultivation a shot before investing too much time and money in more advanced set-ups. Plus, DB consulted some of the leading experts in the field to demystify growing and spread this knowledge to the most people possible. Mush love!"

"Innovative new methods"

Dr. K and Virginia Haze, Creators of The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

"This course looks great! We love seeing the folks over at DoubleBlind making use of some innovative new methods; the spirit of experimentation is something we really can get on board with. We're excited to see the community grow as much as quickly as the mycelium!"

"A Healthier Alternative"

Ophelia Chong, Founder of Mogu.Care

"Learning to grow your own medicine is even more important now, we are seeing supply chains fail and change, we are seeing changes in how we think of pharmaceuticals in our daily lives and these events have us rejecting the chemical for the organic. These videos will help you understand fungi and if you practice, you will be able to choose and provide a healthier alternative to OTC products and Pharma."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I access the materials for the course?

    Once you buy the course, we’ll take you on a journey, from buying your supplies to harvesting your spores. All the materials can be accessed with a username and log-in through our website. There’s seven episodes and accompanying PDFs to make it easy for you to follow along. We’ll also invite you to our private Facebook community where we’ll have live streams with mycologists if you run into any roadblocks.

  • When does the course begin?

    The course opens on April 14, but you can start it anytime between then and June 15, and move along at your own pace. If you buy it before April 14, you’ll get 50% off.

  • What happens when I complete an episode? Can I watch it again?

    Yes, you can watch each episode as many times as you'd like.

  • Can I skip ahead in episodes?

    You can follow along module by module or skip ahead, if you like.

  • What if the course is too difficult?

    Once you subscribe, you will have access to a community of experts who will be available to personally answer your questions.

  • Still have questions?

    Email us at hello@doubleblindmag.com

Let's Grow!

Grow your own batch of mushrooms in just nine weeks